Välkommen till Mismås Kennel

You maybe wonder who we are.

You will find us in Lerum, a small town just north of the city of Göteborg in Sweden with eleven wonderful Shih Tzu.
Our first Shih Tzu which lay the foundation for our kennel bears the name Amie-Bells Parfait Amour (called Majsan). She was born on the 2nd of January 1998. Her colours are solid gold with a black mask.
In 1999 we imported a solid black Shih Tzu bearing the name of Santosha Midnight Caller (called Louie) from Santosha Kennel in Great Britain. Louie was born on the 3rd of June 1996. The combination of these two dogs produced our first litter of 5 puppies, born on the 17th of January in the year 2000 with the prefix "MisMås".

We live in a house with our dogs as they are part of our family and always around our feet. I breed on a small scale about a litter per year.

Education I have attended:

Swedish Kennel Club, Breeder course.
MisMås Kennel

25-26 Nov 2000
West Kennel Club, Genetics course.
Lecturer Mr. Lennart Svensson

13-14 Jan 2001
Västra kennelklubben Göteborg
Anatomy & Judging techniques.
Lecturer Mr. Ove Germundsson

3-4 Feb 2001
Skaraborgs kennelklubb Skövde
Feed and Breeding science.
Lecturer Mrs. Ann-Marie Hammarlund

23-24 Sept 2004
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Genetics and small animal breeding course.
MisMås Kennel

20 April 2010
The Shih-Tzu Club's Breeder education.
Lecturer Mrs. Moa Persson

Autumn 2010
Västra Djursjukhuset - Västra veterinary hospital
Reproduction for breeders.
Part 1 Anatomy, Physiology and Breeding diseases
Part 2 Optimized mating date, Gestation period and diseases
Part 3 The normal delivery, Delivery problems and Neonatal period
Lecturer Vet. Anna-Carin af Klinteberg
MisMås Kennel

Birgitta Norström
Frödings allé 42
SE 443 31 Lerum
Tel. +46 302-132 08